Monday, April 6, 2009

Autism recovery story stirs hope, frustration

By Sharisa Lewis - Dallas Special Needs Kids Examiner

When moms report recovering their children from autism, it provides a mixture of hope and discouragement for other parents who haven't had the same success.

A local Dallas mom is releasing a book about her journey to recover her son from autism called 'Raindrops on Roman.'

Roman's mom, Elizabeth Scott, quit her job when her son was diagnosed with autism and created her own treatment plan. She has an elementary school teacher background and used her experience to teach her son 10 hours a day. She taught him language, interaction and behavior with a "skills and drills" approach.

Her story offers hope to many parents pushing to recover their own children from autism.

But, it also offers discouragement. Not all children are alike on the autism spectrum, so each one may respond differently to treatments and therapies.

Also, how many other autism parents already have the elementary teacher training? And not many have the resources to quit a job or focus 10 hours a day on one child.

Yet, there are bits of information in every recovery story that can benefit other kids with autism.

Jenny McCarthy has also been a strong advocate for parents of autism children. She recovered her son for autism and also has a new book out on her son's treatment.

While we can learn from every recovery story, there has to be caution that there is not one solution for all children with autism. We can all gather bits of info from each of these authors, but it doesn't mean it is the fix-all for every child with autism.


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